Additions for Growing Families

When you add an additional room or living quarters to your home, you are increasing the overall square footage of your dwelling. Homeowner’s find that adding a studio above the garage, creating an additional master (in-law) suite or adding a family room is a great way to increase their home’s value while enjoying the increased living space. Multigenerational living is becoming one of the hottest housing trends in America. There are now more than approximately four million multigenerational households involved in extended family living relationships. This type of living arrangement can be advantageous for all involved, especially when there is a need for child or elder care. Below are some great ways to increase your available living space in your existing home:

1. Family Room Additions
2. Garage Conversions
3. Studio Additions Above the Garage
4. Adding a Second Story to a Single Story Home
5. Adding an Additional Master Suite

The cost of adding on to your home or creating additional living space varies greatly from project to project. But, the average return on your investment (ROI) is approximately 83% for the Northwestern states.