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Our most current completed custom home

A newly completed Hibbard Home

This is a beatiful yet unique custom home we just completed in Caldwell. It is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with over 2700 sq. feet.

This home boasts a spacious reception room, great room with fireplace, an amazing surround sound system, a library, and details that make this home truly a custom design.

Thank you to the Hibbard Team for another beautiful home completed!


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Planning the Best Walk In Closet

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Your optimally designed walk in closet will do a number of things for you:

The most obvious is to provide you with the most efficiently organized space. But it also becomes daily support and inspiration, a quiet place to start the day, sip your coffee, find the right outfit so you can be your very best. It can be built to match your style, color preferences etc. With adjustable shelves and rods, it can be very easily altered to adapt to changes in your wardrobe. It also increases the overall value of your home and makes it more desirable for the next owner.

Custom Closets bring together all the qualities you want to find in a closet:



•Fully customized, fits wall to wall

•Lasting value

•Easy maintenance

Walk In Closets Come in All Shapes and Styles

These days, some people choose to improve their present home rather than buy a new one, there are different ways to integrate a walk in closet into your plans:

•The most common is to have one or two walk in closets as little rooms somewhere near the bathroom and bedroom.

•Another option is to transform a whole existing room into a master closet. The hanging-, shelf- and drawer sections are designed around the room according to your preferences. If the room is big enough, you may even integrate an island or a peninsula.

Walk In Closet with Cabinets Behind Doors

Another way to create a walk in is to build cabinets behind doors, in a room that you wish to keep as a room, that might be a sitting room, a little office space, a reading room with a view, etc… 

Finally, the trend to do away with doors and walls is also finding its way into Master Suites where the closet may be part of one continuum with the bathroom.

An experienced closet designer will bring the "been there/done it" kind of knowledge to offer you the optimum walk in closet design.


Don't Let Clutter Take Over - Get a Garage Makeover

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If you’re like many Americans, it’s “everything but my car.” In fact, according to a GarageTrends Survey, the average American stores, $500 worth of gear-ranging from sporting equipment to luggage-in the garage.

If the thought of tackling all that clutter makes you shudder, rest assured, there’s a solution. Lifestyle expert Korey Provencher has a simple system for transforming your garage from a parking lot for your stuff into a cheerful, organized space that makes life safer, easier and more efficient. “Stop thinking of the garage as the world’s biggest closet,” says Provencher, a frequent guest on ABC’s “The View.” “With my S.T.O.P. system, in one weekend your garage can become the most useful room in the house.”

The S.T.O.P. system will help people go from paralyzed to organized: S-Sort: Haul everything out into the open so you can see what you have-and what you can get rid of. Sort it into categories like tools, toys and sporting equipment.

T-Talk and Trash: Get the whole family involved and decide what you need, what you can donate to charity and what’s just trash. While you’re throwing stuff away, give that grungy tennis ball hanging from your ceiling a toss-with new technology, you won’t need it anymore to park perfectly every time.

O-Organize: Don’t put anything back until you’ve created a manageable system. Organize by category, by seasons or create different color-coded zones so family members have their own space.

P-Place: Put everything away and make a family pact that everyone will always put things back in their place. The point is to stay organized for life, not just a few weeks.

With the garage organized, you can then do a 21st century technology makeover. “The new garage door openers are much quieter, more stylish and some even come equipped with a battery backup,” he says. “You can also add accessories that will automatically turn on the lights in the garage or house or alert you if the garage door is open. And remember that tennis ball? Replace it with a laser-operated device that helps you park perfectly every time.”


Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Warmer days are on their way and creating that perfect oasis in your outdoor living space will make those warmer days feel like a mini-vacation.  Here are some ideas to help you achieve a Zen like space in your own back yard! 

Create a Living Room Outdoors

Bring your home and your life outdoors by creating little living rooms on porches and patios. Arrange seating as you would in a family room to encourage gathering for good conversation and relaxation. Use comfortable cushions and pillows covered in outdoor fabric liberally, and your outdoor space will become the most popular room outside of the house.

Create an Instant Party Spot

A simple string of party lights brings something special to your backyard; whether you’re enjoying a weeknight meal out back, or hosting a dinner party. Outline the edge,  add refreshments, some friends, and you’ve got yourself a party. 


So you still haven’t gotten around to planting that hydrangea bush? No worries. Create an instant garden using containers. Planters in all different shapes, sizes, and colors are the perfect antidote to a colorless, flowerless garden. 

Cabana Cool

Add fabric panels to an arbor or pergola to create your own personal cabana. Low to the ground, lounge-like furniture covered in sumptuous outdoor fabrics and large floor cushions add to the Zen, relaxed vibe of a poolside cabana. 

Outdoor Dining

If you grill at least twice a week from spring through fall, and if you love eating outdoors, you need an outdoor kitchen.

You don't need a fancy grill. A countertop for food prep and conveniences such as closed storage and a separate side burner will greatly enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Add a refrigerator and sink to make preparation and cleanup even easier. 

How About a Little Privacy?

Your outdoor room will feel more like an oasis if it has a sense of enclosure. Fences and garden walls ensure privacy for patios, but you can also use lattice, pergolas, and landscaping to define outdoor spaces and screen views of neighboring houses. 

Shed a Little Light on the Subject

To enjoy your backyard getaway after the sun sets, include outdoor lighting. At its most basic, this consists of porch lights that illuminate access to the house and provide ambient lighting. 

For outdoor kitchens, you'll need good task lighting over the grill and work areas. For the dining and conversation areas, candlelight, wall-mounted down-lights, or dimmable electric lamps create a relaxed mood. Steps and walkways should be illuminated for safety. 

You can also use solar-powered accent lights or low-voltage lights to add drama and interest to the landscape and to highlight paths. Combine a mix of lighting sources to make your backyard getaway a magical place after dark. 

These touches and many others will turn an ordinary patio or deck into a welcoming, personal space for outdoor living.


What to Expect for Idaho's Housing Market in 2013: 

In the ever changing world of real estate, the market ebbs and flows.  Sometimes it’s an all out flood and on the rare occasion, you can experience one of the worst droughts in history.  If you are like most folks here in the Treasure Valley, you've likely noticed how Boise, Idaho real estate has been dramatically changing over the course of 2012 and into 2013.  Fewer foreclosures, shrinking inventories of homes, and rising house prices have all played a significant role in the turnaround we have seen recently.  We are seeing much of the same occurring throughout many of our nation's real estate markets.  We have seen the shift from a buyer’s market and are now finally experiencing a seller’s market.  This means if you are looking to purchase a new home, you will need to be more prepared than ever before!

As a home buyer in today’s economy, you need to have a real solid understanding of the things you want and need in a home before actively searching.  This is a key component before you even begin looking at homes or decide to build.  Understanding this concept between wants and needs is the most beneficial knowledge you will use towards finding your dream home.  

The hot topic in real estate for 2013 so far, has been low inventory.  Boise, Idaho is no exception when it comes to inventory shortfalls.  Boise has been involved in the same shortages of available listings as many of the nation's most desirable markets, solidifying the shift from a buyer's market to a seller's market.

Reports from the National Association of Realtors indicate that the number of homes for sale is now at its lowest level in over 13 years. With an increasing inventory crunch as we head into the busy spring selling season, it's time to gear up with the tools necessary to succeed at finding your dream home in Boise, Idaho. This means that in addition to being financially ready to move forward, you need to be mentally prepared for a market with increased competition. While it's always been true regardless of market conditions to be financially prepared, buyers in 2013 now more than ever, need to have a mortgage approval in place before they enter the market to buy a home.

In a seller's market, sellers won't accept an offer without a mortgage approval letter attached-especially if they have other offers that do have mortgage approvals attached. We're entering the season where sellers can expect to receive multiple offers, resulting in a bidding war.  If a buyer wants the advantage, they will have pre-arranged financing securely in place.

Lending conditions in 2013 have also changed. With restrictions that seem to be only getting tighter and tighter, buyers need to be fully aware of their credit scores. Prospective buyers should check their credit score as soon as they are thinking about buying, because fixing even a minor credit issue can take 60 to 120 days to correct.  With the average FICO score for an approved conventional loan at 764 in November 2012, and the average credit score of a denied conventional loan at 736, the margin for errors on your credit report is minuscule at best. Monitor your credit carefully!

Tighter lending standards also mean potential buyers need to be even more prepared as they head into the mortgage approval process. Buyers need to get geared up with extensive financial documentation such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, asset statements and more. In addition to submitting these forms to the lender and working through the pre-approval process, buyers will also need to estimate what the total cash requirement is to make the home purchase. Costs such as the earnest money deposit, down payment, home inspection and appraisal, as well as lender fees, are all an inescapable part of the equation when it comes to home ownership. It's vital that buyers know what they can afford and how to move that into a monthly payment.

A home has both its traditional value as reported by an appraiser, as well as the value buyers place on a personal level by what qualities and advantages the home possesses for their individual needs. Buyers should be prepared to find the home that will fulfill their needs on a long term basis. Is the home located near a quality school district? Does it have quick access to public transportation and other amenities? All these things and more can make a home more or less appealing to a variety of buyers with different needs.  Also, when a buyer knows exactly what they're looking for, they'll be more likely to find it.

As mentioned earlier, buyers need to know exactly what they want and need in a home before they embark on an active house hunt. With declining inventory numbers and increased demand, buyers who spot a home that fits the items on their wish list need to be prepared to move quickly. Experts recommend moving fast in markets with lower inventory.  With today's low interest rates and higher buyer affordability, the time to move is now-especially as we prepare for the spring frenzy!